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Welcome to the website with free online puzzles for all ages. This is the place where you can play only the best free hidden object games to be found on the web. We have large collection of hidden object puzzles, point & click and spot the difference games. Test your observing skills and have fun. Solve the mysteries. Search and find different items at the screen. Play completely free online games, without downloads. This is your best place for playing free hidden object games and other puzzles.
This is your best place for playing free hidden object games.
Lost Evidences

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Lost TownLost Town
Use your skills to solve the mystery of the lost town.

SpaceSpace Challenge
Prepare yourself for an exciting space campaign.

Secret NatureSecret Nature
Welcome to the magical world of nature and beautiful creatures.

Victoria VaneVictoria Vane
Uncover the mystery of the ancient curses and magical rituals.

Indian VillageIndian Village
Explore this traditional Indian village to find something interesting.

GraveThe Grave
Follow this adventurer in his search for the haunted grave.

Secret ShadowsSecret Shadows
This city has a lot of secrets. Search the streets and collect evidences.

Land of MagicLand of Magic
Walk through the land of magic to find the secret items.

Ye Olde TavernYe Olde Tavern
Peek inside this restaurant in old medieval style.

House of IllusionsHouse of Illusions
Join us on a hotel tour through this house of illusions!

Lost in DreamsLost in Dreams
You are stuck in a deep magic dream. Look around very carefully...

Sea TreasureSea Treasure
Swim with the sea creatures and explore this underwater life.

Dark CastleDark Castle
Explore this dangerous forest to find a way to the castle.

Ancient RuinsAncient Ruins
There are lots of famous ruins all over the world.

Forest TownForest Town
Follow our young adventurer in this exciting trip...

Ghost CastleGhost Castle
Search around and try to solve the secret of the ghost castle.

The CaveThe Cave
Follow the adventurer on his exciting search for the precious items.

Lost EvidencesLost Evidences
Find the lost evidences that are hidden somewhere in these rooms.

Land of VikingsLand of Vikings
Your mission is to explore this beautiful land and find hidden objects.

Come on a cruise ship tour in this beautiful game.

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